My name is Jim Lewis. For the past 18 years I have proudly served in the United States Air Force. In 2014, I was deployed to the Middle East for 7 months and assigned to Special Ops Command Central (SOCCENT). While assigned there, I worked with all military branches. Throughout my assignment I learned that everyone there had traumatic stories to tell from day to day military experiences on base to deployment experiences.  Many of the men and women I met were suffering from PTSD as a result of past tragic memories, current emotional stress, and/or from severe frustration due to being misunderstood by loved ones.  Some sought after mental health treatments while others simply tried to control their negative feelings and emotions alone. Upon returning back stateside, I often wondered how fellow military members that didn’t seek help would fair in life.

In the year of 2016, I was horrified to hear of the murder of local police officers by armed gunmen in Dallas, TX and Baton Rouge, LA.  While watching each heartbreaking news broadcast, I was even more alarmed to hear of the gunmen descriptions.   Both of them had something in common: they were former military members (War Vets). This made me reflect upon my time at SOCCENT even more and led me to wonder about the other millions of military members that are suffering from undiagnosed cases of PTSD. Was there a way I could reach out to them?

Shortly after these terrible incidents, I created The Silent Battle.  Our logo represents a military member with a finger over his lips to symbolize how many Veterans are silent about PTSD symptoms. On the surface, many Veterans appear to be perfectly fine, but in reality many are silently battling PTSD.

With the logo thoughtfully established, I have begun to create jackets, hats, and vests in my hopes to bring worldwide awareness to this PTSD.   All items are hand stitched and custom made upon purchase. A portion of all proceeds from The Silent Battle purchases  go towards PTSD research and to the 23rd Veterans Organization that helps Veterans in the Minnesota area lead successful lives, through social, physical and mental education.

With your support, I will one day be able to  implement my full vision of not only increasing awareness of PTSD and increasing funding for research, but also be able to offer support seminars for those affected by PTSD.  You can support this vision by making The Silent Battle purchases and/or by making donations.  Also, please remember to tell others about us. All support in any form is appreciated.


Jim Lewis